Current and Ongoing Needs

We cook 150 meals seven days a week so we will need non perishable ingredients.

Individual Apple Sauce Cups
Chicken Broth
Beef Broth
Diced Tomatoes
Pasta Sauce
Grape Jelly
Canned Fruit

Commercial prepared (pre-wrapped or pre-packaged) desserts  We are sorry, but we cannot accept homemade desserts due to Health Department regulations

Gift cards for Kroger, Remke, Aldi, Meijer, GFS for dairy and other perishables

Please contact us at 859-292-0300 to schedule a food drive delivery.

Please note that since we are primarily run by volunteers, the office is not staffed at all hours.  You MUST arrange a drop-off time so that we may have a staff member available to greet you and accept your donation.   If possible, we like to schedule deliveries for Mondays as that is the only day of the week when we are not serving food.

Additional notes:

We would appreciate your help in ensuring that the items which you donate HAVE NOT EXPIRED.  We will not serve expired food to our guests and will dispose of any donated food that is expired.
We are not allowed to accept homemade items (desserts, breads, etc.) due to health department regulations.

Prior to our opening in March 2013, we were awarded a grant from PNC Bank.  This video captures some of the excitement as we were finally able to Stock our Panty!